Press Pause

New and Improved Dre
New and Improving Dre

One of my really good friends told me that I should take the month of November and press pause on life. It sounded like such a great idea. I tried to press pause. However, my version of pause is probably not the pause that he was talking about. I think he meant to sit and reflect, turn off all electronics and focus on certain aspects of my life. What I did instead was create my version of pause and that was probably fast forward to the max!


I literally went from New York to Boston to Los Angeles to Boston and back to New York. I went on multiple interviews, met with multiple people in various industries to figure out what it is that I like. I thank the people who I met with so far and appreciate them helping me with this journey of self-discovery. Nothing short of epic. I am so thankful to have been able to catch up with old friends and this past weekend I was able to meet up with a friend of mine that I’ve literally known since we were 16 during the days of aim.

He remembers that we talked on dial-up, I don’t remember it being dial but you never know. It was awesome. It was great. I’ve found a new home and I want it to be Los Angeles. It’s a city that is so different from what I know on the East Coast. I think that it could be great and if not, I can always come home but I’m at an age where I need to take chances. Baby steps are great but sometimes taking a chance is what is going to propel you to the next level in life…….I hate taking pictures but I took some pictures…..

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Just a little bit of what I’ve been up to since November. I can’t wait to actually take some time and press pause……

How do you press pause?


I Miss My Samsung Note 2

It all started one day about 3.5 years ago, when I left my Blackberry(I wanted the Tour version, so I could pretend that I was important) unattended to find out that when I returned it was acting “KRAY KRAY” and that’s when I learned a coworker had spilled water on it. This was the start of 14 refurbished Blackberries(think that’s bad Danielle had 19) however this was just the beginning…..

I switched to the iPhone because I was told it would be glorious. Which it was for short period. It was however resilient. I only went through about 3 of those. One because it had damage but it felt in a bottle and died shortly after, never to work again. The first one I had replaced because there was a crack but by the time I got the second crack in the screen, I said “Whatever!” It definitely annoyed some people because it was straight

up janky.

Then in February, I finally went with my gut instinct to buy the Samsung S Note 2. I was friends for a brief period last year with someone who had the first version. I was in love. Excuse My French: The Phone Was Kunty!  Greatest decision ever! Not only do I not know how to use any of the functions on it, it’s just amazing. It’s big and not discreet but so whatever if someone catches you taking a look at Scruff(don’t be nosey)………


19 days, 12 hours, 35 minutes and 23 seconds into having my grand phone. I met my first problem. The part where you speak into the phone decided to blow out, so I had to start using my POP Phone attachment for a while. I did get a replacement but I didn’t realize the Stylus is not included with the replacements. In other words I returned that one. Finally, I got the one that was right in every single way…………….

Mine was the one in the middle....
Mine was the one in the middle….


As I’m leaving a 4th of July cookout, the unimaginable happens. Taken by surprise, I’m pulled into the pool in my full clothing. I looked sharp to sit in a car on the way home but in my one hand my phone was in it. Never in my life have I moved so fast, you would have thought I was saving my child from prey. Phone dead(part of the reason I haven’t been blogging lately) and then the phone that I’ve used interim well it’s a pretty damn hard phone to use. I miss my Samsung!

It’s funny how much something that we love becomes part of our identity. When my mother was telling the woman at Verizon what happened, Angela and she’s really good. She said “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody love their phone as much as your son!” It’s true though. I’ll have my new one in a few weeks and I’ll be back to normal. It’s taught me to appreciate the things in life that I didn’t when I had a phone. What’s really funny about this whole situation, in the morning there is a woman who sits in my car, she’s kind of annoying but kind of not. She saw me with my electronics and this was like the Monday before the 4th and I kid you not, girlfriend looked at me and said “Take a weekend and be electronicless! Take some time to smell the air!”


Incase you were wondering when I was pulled in the pool:

Kriss Van Asche Beige and Navy Tank

H&M lightweight Grey Sweater

Black Shorts

KR3W Hat in Red and Gold

Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals “License Plate” Sneakers