Migrant Worker 2013 Resort Collection

I wanted to look for some cute swim trunks….not that I don’t have a lot to begin with but you can always use more. I decided to look at Marc Jacobs for inspiration. However, when I glimpsed at the collection the first and only thing came to mind this quote from Drop Dead Gorgeous.

“There are eight thousand sequins and
fifteen hundred beads on the skirt,
alone. My mom and Mrs. Lopez make it.
She’s one of my father’s many Mexican
(Me’hee’kan) workers he lifts from the
poverty they know in Mexico
(Me’heek’koe).” -Rebecca Leeman a.k.a Denise Richards

Who Doesn't Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?
Who Doesn’t Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?

I love Marc Jacobs as a designer typically but this is awful. Who wants to look like a 1950s peasant worker this summer? Surely, every fashion forward girl is dying to put on these looks and go straight to the factory and start working on assembling toys for children.He’s such an extremely talented designer that this collection bothers me and I know it’s a personal view¬†but what was he thinking. Although, I have friends that CAN pull off something this different, I applaud them for that. I know my style is a little autre at times and I shouldn’t talk but people talk about my style, so that’s ok. I can VOICE my opinion. However, I will say that Anna Wintour looked amazing at the CFDA Awards in one of the dresses…..

Anna Wintour & Tommy Hilfiger at the CFDA Awards
Anna Wintour in one of the pieces

Like I stated, I love Marc Jacobs but this particular collection has left me wondering what he was thinking……

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Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 Collection