Breathe Again


This song is beautiful
This song is beautiful

“And I can’t stop thinkin’ about. About the way my life would be. No I can’t stop thinkin’ about. How your love could be leavin’ me. And I can’t get you outta my mind. God knows how hard I tried. And if you walked right out my life. God knows I surely die!……..That, I shall never, never breathe again. Breathe again!”

This is something myself doing quite often about you. As long as I can remember you’ve been an important factor in my life. It’s a different kind of love. You mean so much to me. You really do. I hold you to a different light in my life. I appreciate all that you done. The times through good and bad, you’ve helped me make it through. I really do and now this is really hard for me to say.

I think we need to take a break from each other. Just a little while. You’ll understand someday. I just want you to have the strength and courage to remain strong as I’ll do the same for you. If things remain afterwards then “We’re in this love together and we got the kind that’ll last forever!”-Al Jarreau I’m embarking on a different path and while I know you’ll be there right by my side, supporting me the entire time, I need to do this on my own. I need to appreciate you for all your worth! Appreciate the beauty of you! Treat you like you all that your worth! Can you understand the pain? Can you stand the rain?

Just taking a needed break from buying shoes that I really have no use for. Just trying to plan a little more responsibly for the next chapter in life!

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A Single Black Female Addicted To Retail

You Got To Be Happy In Life
You Got To Be Happy In Life

Well, a single black male addicted to retail. Like Azealia said “You got to spend a lot for this behavior…” An addiction to retail is not going to kill you like other addictions will but still admitting that your powerless and that you want to “kick the habit” no pun intended is just as hard. Let’s break it down in some simple steps to change our retail addiction ways. Ready?

Steps For The Sneaker Addiction:

  1. 1.If you can’t fight the addiction of plastic in your wallet, keep it in the safe deposit box and pay in cash. Maintaining a high balance, followed by paying the bare minimum,basically is setting yourself to stay in a  never-ending debt cycle.
  2. Admit you have a problem to your retail addiction. Mine is shoes, particularly sneakers. Denying that you have a problem is going to keep you further from returning to a normal life. Tell a friend, parent, God, somebody who you think is going to care.
  3. Make a list of what you have. Honestly, ask yourself when was the last time you took the time to at the box on the bottom of the shelf.  You’ll probably think twice about purchasing a new pair and in the midst of it all find a new home for the ones you already have.

    These are like something amazing!!
    These are like something amazing!!
  4. I buy shoes to match outfits. Gotta cut it out. Once the shoes go, the other stuff should probably do the same.
  5. Having an addiction to sneakers has probably caused hurt to the ones you love. Oprah has to apologize. You can too.
  6. Give it to the Salvation Army. There’s Goodwill too. You’ll giveaway half. It’ll help you appreciate what you can live without while bringing joy into someone’s life.
  7. Buy a pair of Crocs. Crocs will show you who your real friends. Real friends will stay with you thru “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!”
  8. Ask yourself “Why do I need this shoe?” if you understand the reason behind it, maybe you’ll stop yourself
  9. Go get yourself a pair of kicks!!! You went through all that hard work! Now reward yourself!!!
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals "Bears" in Gold and Silver!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals “Bears” in Gold and Silver!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!

The holidays may be over but these will be my next and final pair……before having to get a normal pair of shoes. I’m pretty sure, I’ve said that before………