Sheet Masks

Sheet masks can be used anywhere without interrupting daily life
Use them anywhere, anytime without interruption of daily life

Sheet masks have always been one of my favorite obsessions. Except I never really paid attention to the purpose except that it was just another thing to buy. One of the staples of Korean skin care is finding its way stateside. A thin cotton sheet is doused  in a liquid that will brighten, hydrate and even hide those fine lines! If your skeptic, it’s understandable but if you’ve had a facial, there’s a chance they used a sheet masks on you.

Add Sheet Masks To Your Regimen: DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR MASKS! These masks are an addition to your regimen. The liquid that the sheet is packaged in is a serum formula which is giving your skin nutrients. It’s not going to deep cleanse or exfoliate your skin. I use them on days that I’m feeling dry or my skin isn’t looking it’s best.

Not A Replacement: Yes, it’s a serum based formula. No, you cannot throw out your daily serum in lieu of this. While the temptation to use them everyday with different price points, it’s just a bit excessive. The effects only last for a day, so continuing using the serum that works for you.

Is My Face Too Big?: One size never fits all. EVER! As you know, there are countless face sizes and shapes but only size masks. Applying them is kind of annoying. Laying down works best, working your way up from the bottom to the top. Smoothing it out as you go along.

Use Them Anywhere: Open the package, apply, wait 20-30 minutes and throw it away. It’s pretty simple. I use mine a lot on the train or on my way to work. You only have so much time in a day, so why not spending it wisely.