Marc Jacobs: The Last Pair

These right here

Marc by Marc Jacobs, you can either buy them for me anywhere online. This is a special pre-order for October. Your card will get a charge right away if you order on Solestruck.Just letting you know. These are amazing and I NEED THEM! They’re not even that expensive. I’d buy myself but it’s a sin to send gifts to yourself.

Order the shoe in women’s size 11. They have better color choices anyways.

Aren’t these amazing? Marc Jacobs…..You may stay!

Sunday Shoes: Silver

The hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in life is look for silver sneakers that don’t look hideously cheap. The other day while at my mother’s house, I realized that most of my shoes are probably in a donation bin making someone else happy. It probably happened when I moved out-of-state last October. Kind of upsetting……..


However, it gave me a reason to check my email for any mention of a shoe sale! Well….that didn’t happen but one of the emails was featuring a pair of silver Oxford’s that I am absolutely in LOVE with!

I could use these in my life
I could use these in my life

Silver is such a fun statement color for a shoe whether it’s a sneaker or a dress shoe. It keeps it fresh and modern but with a luxurious twist!

Sunday Shoes:Nu Shooz

.....or gay man.....
…..or gay man…..

It’s nothing new that I have an addiction to shoes. Shoes make me really happy. I find shoes as a way to help represent my mood rather than wearing black all the time.

Generally, I go for things that stand out to me. Which then becomes a problem because I’ll sometimes get one use out of it. However, I don’t feel as bad because I’ve almost mastered the art of finding the shoes I want(especially the designers) on sale.

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The one I was really excited about was the “The Rabbit” CA by Cinzia Araia. The one that literally allows the wearer of the shoe to have limitless options in tying their shoe. Only problem, it’s kind of complicated but it’s kind of fun creating your own statement.

One day, I’ll grow tiresome of shoes but until then “These Boots Are Made For Walking!”


Sunday Shoes: Golden Goose

High-tops - GOLDEN GOOSE

Not that I need another pair of shoes since the last pair of shoes that I purchased are still in the box and haven’t even been charged yet. That’s right, I bought a pair of the LED light up shoes because I absolutely needed a pair.

My Philosphy
My Philosphy

I really have been on the lookout for a pair of iridescent shoes since the hologram trend came about a few years ago. So naturally I went on the search and found these from Golden Goose on Shoescribe.

While the price tag is a bit hefty for what I’d like to spend on the moment on shoes, a boy can only hope for his birthday, right?

Current Obsession: Irregular Choice

“…..because ugly shoes are a global issue.”—Solestruck


Currently obsessing over “State of Flux” a brand spanking new shoe from Irregular Choice! At first glance, it’s just a basic white tennis sneaker. Take a second glance and all eyes on your feet as you light up the room.

It is a total flashback to the L.A. Gear sneakers of the 90’s that almost every kid had! I am in a deep state of lust for these!

Shoes On My Feet

Need I really say more? You probably do not know, but I have an affinity for shoes. As if the world my world will crumble around me if I don’t have more shoes in my closet than I can actually wear at any given moment. Remember when I said I donated a bunch of shoes? As a present to myself for donating shoes, I end up with 5 new pairs in my closet. Clearly, I have a problem.

I love shoes. This has been my summer through shoes.

Sunday Shoes: Normal Shoes

I finally caved. I got a pair of shoes that are so normal it’s not even funny. I bought a pair of Vans in the classic style slip-on.  Checkered black on black. It was cool until I realized how uncomfortable it was. Literally was cutting off the circulation in my foot!!!Totally uncomfortableTotally uncomfortable

So after wearing them twice, I brought them back and actually exchanged them for the Vans in a classic lace style. SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! At $50 a pair, it’s a pretty good deal.

Much better
Much better

Sunday Shoes: The Second Chance

2014 Cinzia Araia
2014 Cinzia Araia

“Sometimes you don’t get a second chance. You need to take a chance when you have the opportunity. Always.” 

Remember way back when I was obsessed with CA by Cinzia Araia’s Rabbit Sneaker? . Remember how much I loved that shoe. I even used the brand as a marketing project assignment which I got an A- despite not being able to get in touch with the right department because of the Italian Stock Market rules, do you remember?

This was my end all be all for shoes last year. I had to have it. I cried when I couldn't.
This was my end all be all for shoes last year. I had to have it. I cried when I couldn’t.

Then the day came that I was going to go buy myself a pair. I thought that I deserved it. Only to get to Barney’s and find out that being a unisex shoe and European it was cut a little bit more on the narrow side so it wouldn’t work for me. *Insert Tear Face*

Shoe designers speak the truth
Shoe designers speak the truth

I was able to recover from my “Life Is Over Moment” but I found myself still drawn to Cinzia’s brand philosophy “Vison-design. A technical description of Cinzia Araia’s shoes.” and my favorite line “A transformation always in progress.”  So in the midst of my shoe shopping addiction, I always find myself on the same sites and I thought why not check up what Cinzia is up to. Imelda, Goddess of Shoes heard my cries. The menswear line for 2014 is on point.

This brand has so much character. Each shoe tells a story about the person wearing it
This brand has so much character. Each shoe tells a story about the person wearing it

This is my second chance and I hope that I never have to go through this again. They’re just so effortless.

A Single Black Female Addicted To Retail

You Got To Be Happy In Life
You Got To Be Happy In Life

Well, a single black male addicted to retail. Like Azealia said “You got to spend a lot for this behavior…” An addiction to retail is not going to kill you like other addictions will but still admitting that your powerless and that you want to “kick the habit” no pun intended is just as hard. Let’s break it down in some simple steps to change our retail addiction ways. Ready?

Steps For The Sneaker Addiction:

  1. 1.If you can’t fight the addiction of plastic in your wallet, keep it in the safe deposit box and pay in cash. Maintaining a high balance, followed by paying the bare minimum,basically is setting yourself to stay in a  never-ending debt cycle.
  2. Admit you have a problem to your retail addiction. Mine is shoes, particularly sneakers. Denying that you have a problem is going to keep you further from returning to a normal life. Tell a friend, parent, God, somebody who you think is going to care.
  3. Make a list of what you have. Honestly, ask yourself when was the last time you took the time to at the box on the bottom of the shelf.  You’ll probably think twice about purchasing a new pair and in the midst of it all find a new home for the ones you already have.

    These are like something amazing!!
    These are like something amazing!!
  4. I buy shoes to match outfits. Gotta cut it out. Once the shoes go, the other stuff should probably do the same.
  5. Having an addiction to sneakers has probably caused hurt to the ones you love. Oprah has to apologize. You can too.
  6. Give it to the Salvation Army. There’s Goodwill too. You’ll giveaway half. It’ll help you appreciate what you can live without while bringing joy into someone’s life.
  7. Buy a pair of Crocs. Crocs will show you who your real friends. Real friends will stay with you thru “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!”
  8. Ask yourself “Why do I need this shoe?” if you understand the reason behind it, maybe you’ll stop yourself
  9. Go get yourself a pair of kicks!!! You went through all that hard work! Now reward yourself!!!
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals "Bears" in Gold and Silver!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals “Bears” in Gold and Silver!!!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!

The holidays may be over but these will be my next and final pair……before having to get a normal pair of shoes. I’m pretty sure, I’ve said that before………



Obsession Confession

Obsession Confession….What’s That? Started literally to kind of showcase what I’m obsessed with at the moment. Feel free to comment and share what your obsessed with at the moment. Music, Fashion, Food are some of my favorite confessions.

Current Obsession:

Jeffrey Campbell Wordz 

Jeffrey Campbell WORDZ
Jeffrey Campbell WORDZ

Why? What’s So Great?:

Interchangeable word plates(mine say SHAA ZAAM)

Eye-catching so that when you WALK in the room, only you OWN it

Super Comfortable

The box is totes 80s/90s inspired


Even the box is pretty
Even the box is pretty

One Minor Flaw:

Only one set of WORDZ plates. Bummer!!!

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