Live Fancy: Christmas List

I hardly ever want anything for Christmas. SERIOUSLY!¬†I buy for myself whatever I want and like throughout the year and I hate the idea of someone spending money on me as an obligation. I’d rather be able to spend the time with that person and do something that creates a memory. D

Despite being sick and coughing in the worst imaginable way, I found time to compile what would be the perfect gifts for me to find under my tree this year. All I want. All I need to make me happy.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Siren – 4 inch platform sole with ombre color. SICK! Heavy to walk in I’m sure but you gotta do what you gotta do. $191
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
  • Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Sweater – Since their oversized “Twerkin For a Birkin” sweater is not available at the moment. I forget the price on this one.
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
  • ¬†Brian Lichtenberg – “Twerkin For A Birkin” Muscle Tee – Since the Dentz Denim version isn’t available. This is very suitable. Despite being a ladies version, I actually think it’ll be better for my frame. $59
Brian Lichtenberg "Twerkin For A Birkin"
Brian Lichtenberg “Twerkin For A Birkin”
  • Brian Lichtenberg – “HOMIES” Graffiti Sweater – Part of the designers series that he has done with such names as Celine and Balmain. This spin on Hermes is cute and I love the 80s throwback feel. $129
Brian Lichtenberg "Homies" Graffiti Sweater
Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” Graffiti Sweater

Where To Find:

Karmaloop for Jeffrey Campbell

Etsy for Dentz Denim

Revolve Clothing for Brian Lichtenberg

Good luck with your holiday shopping this year!