And Then Your 28

If Mary can do it....I can do it too!!!
If Mary can do it….I can do it too!!!

Life is life and the things that happen in life are just little obstacles that try to set us back. I’m learning that I can’t let those things define me because then what was the learning experience in that, right?

I Suck At Taking #Selfies
I Suck At Taking #Selfies

I was dreading turning 28 for a multitude of reasons. However, they really just ended up being excuses for not going out and celebrating another year in life. The older I get the less, I want to go out to an actual club(although I can still get down and dance) and I opt for a relaxing evening with friends. However, I was dying to wear one of the tops that I bought! Of course, I needed pants as well and I have to say I put together a super cute outfit. I’m still convinced that if I didn’t get my haircut, I would have looked  rather “Basic” and that’s not cute.

Birthday dinner at Sonsie with Tyler and Racine. You always appreciate the time that you spend with people when you don’t see them everyday at work anymore. So that was a fun actual birthday night. Then Saturday night it was off to Oberon with Eve to see “The Donkey Show” which is an amazing version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Think Studio 54 meets William Shakespeare but completely interactive. I highly recommend if you haven’t been!

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Valuable Lesons In Life: The World According To Karl Lagerfeld

What Would Karl Lagerfeld Say?
What Would Karl Lagerfeld Say?

“The minute you think the past was better, your present becomes secondhand and you become vintage, it’s OK for clothes, not that great for people.”–Karl Lagerfeld

Honestly, I could learn every valuable lesson about life and apply it to any situation if I read “The World According To Karl” and that’s a fact. There’s a quote for every possible thing as told in a rather matter of fact way. I understand his bitchiness. I understand.

Sometimes taking a step back is taking a step forward
Sometimes taking a step back is taking a step forward

I learned a few valuable lessons while pressing “pause” and taking a hiatus. That I cannot take a hiatus because I get bored. I don’t regret anything because all things happen for a reason. I learned that lesson that it’s OK to actually to do what I want in life because it’s my life and nobody has to live it but me.

Friends For Life
Friends For Life

One of my best friends who I’ve been friends with since I was 16 just turned 30. We’re born 2 years and 2 months apart on the same day. Crazy.  As I get older and learn lessons and actually apply them, it’s a great feeling. Now, I think the most important lesson on the agenda to learn before 30 is “How To Drive A Car”, that’ll be interesting!

We're getting old.
We’re getting old. 12 years and some new friends later…


Another valuable lesson is to always give your potential new people in your life an audition. It’s like trying on clothes but you try them out on social media sites and if it doesn’t mesh. BYE, FELICIA!

Somebody could have told me my shirt was not tucked!

Outfit Of The Day: The Struggle Is Real

Outfit Of The Day: Broke


Forever 21-Cropped Tee


Steve Madden-Boots

Legally Blonde

“And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous Angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed” Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Never Good Enough

I watching Legally Blonde, absolutely love the movie. It’s a riot, she’s hilarious. Until this recent time in watching it, did I realize something important and how it pertained to my love life.


All of my friends know about the “Love of My Life”. It’s been an ongoing battle of back and forth. I’ve begun to write-off the prospect of actually getting that relationship back. I don’t want think that I should be strung along like a little but puppet. Tonight I realized that I’ll never be good enough in his eyes. Good enough to string a long…’s a good realization to come to though and maybe with that realization I can move on to….

On another lighter note, I went out with a few co-workers over the weekend. Went to the waterfront in Boston to start the night, Whiskey Priest where we were hit on by a few married men. Then to the South End and ended up at Machine Nightclub. In which every 3rd Saturday of the month, they have night called Controversy. Music was great, one of the DJ’s played one of my favorite songs of the moment “Higher Ground” by TNGHT. The music is a mix of everything great that I love dancing to at the moment. I even ended up on the stage several times and entered their “Twerk Contest”….I didn’t win but there’s always next month……cause i will be upside down against the wall!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Another Night Out With Dre
Just Another Night Out With Dre

My co-workers and I started a challenge at work. To see who can do 100 push-ups in 10 minutes by the end of May.  What should be the prize be? I’m going to win. I’m too competitive not to win. Each week we increase the amount. Yesterday, I did 21. Next week, I’m going to do 30. I think I have this in the bag……