Sunday Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Cura

“Darling, all I require is fabulous shoes.”–Pinterest

The Truest Statement Ever
The Truest Statement Ever
Normal Trainer Sneakers
“Normal” Trainers

Normal by day.  Glow at night in Jeffrey Campbell Cura. This is the best shoe on earth if I dare say so. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. It’s an actual sneaker that I could go jogging in. They’re super cute. They’re subtle which for me is a bit of a change.

Just a simple shoe. White leather. Black laces. A bit of metal detail near the rubber sole. A normal sneaker that says “Hey, I’ve got style.” So you might actually be catching me in a lie now when I say they are “normal” because at night when the lights go off these babies glow.

I never though I end up in the closet again
I never though I end up in the closet again

I mean they glow in the dark and not a cheesy way but in a way that’s definitely going to make heads turn. Every store I went into Friday night someone complimented them. One person even said “It looks like a futuristic fashion jogging shoe.” I’ll take it!

Night jogging is not a problem anymore(probably more for the fact that I don’t jog anyways) and they’re so comfortable! I almost really want to get a pair of the Tronic’s because they’re high tops with silver contrasting. However, where am I really going to where these. 

Note: The issue that I had with the leather tearing at the seam began to happen after wearing them. Overall, the joggers are worth the money. I hope next season they come back with a different glow color.

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