TBT: Glitter Everywhere

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I’ve never seen this movie but I still have no idea what it is about

Glitter, does anybody know why it is exist? A lot of people wish that movie and actually glitter would just disappear. I know I’m a little late on the trend by like a few years but it’s kind of okay because I never tried it to begin with. Glitter, you either love it or you send it to your mortal enemies as like a gag gift. I choose productivity and cuteness.

I like to have a little fun with my makeup when I wear it.  I thought by doing a glitter beard I could over emphasize the brightness in the apple of my cheek. Eh, doesn’t work that way. I also was under the impression that it wouldn’t take long. I was wrong. The earlier post was the day that I attempted glitter brows and then decided I wanted to try a glitter beard because why the hell not?!

How To Achieve Glitter Facial Hair:

1.  First you should buy the color glitter you want. You can never have too much.

2. You’re gonna need eyelash adhesive. I like the Ardell. It’s clear and smells a little like acetone. Kind of stings if you apply after you freshly shaved. BE A MAN AND TAKE IT!

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Don’t Cha!

3. THE BEARD: To achieve the depth of the silver in the glitter and I’m sure this would apply to any color, use a water soluble eye shadow or cream makeup your first layer before applying adhesive. Then sprinkle glitter in bowl while singing the soundtrack to Mariah Carey’s “Glitter” #PoorMariah

4. In small sections, dip your paintbrush, I use a 1 inch brush in the bowl, and bring the brush to your face. Press and dip. Press and dip. Moving along section by section moving along the outline of how your beard should look. I did one layer but I didn’t account for actually having to go out into the world and live my day. Probably good to use as much glitter as possible.

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Resting Bitch Face is required to make sure cracking doesn’t occur.

5. BROWS: I take one of those tacky little eyeshadow applicator, and squeeze a little adhesive on my brow and swipe! It’s covered in adhesive. WARNING: CLOSE THE EYE THAT YOU ARE APPLYING GLITTER ABOVE. THE OPPOSITE EYE SHOULD BE OPEN. WHEN SATISFIED. REPEAT ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE. I feel as though I shouldn’t have to place a warning but people like to play dumb. I then take the applicator and into the bowl of glitter and press and dab. Press and dab. Press and dab. You should only need one layer for the eyebrows. An eye full of glitter sounds like a scratched cornea.

6. Spray it down with some Aquanet. Make sure it’s not windy or rainy and go about your day. “Give them hoes what they came to see.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

End of Summer: PTown Carnival 2014

Morning At The Marina
Morning At The Marina

Summer is officially over! Nothing else to look forward to this season. I could be bummed out about it, however, I’m not. I’m actually taking the time to look back on the fun things that I did when I wasn’t working. One of those things actually was experiencing Provincetown during the summer months!

Provincetown is a wonderful community at the tip of cape in Massachusetts. A wide array of many people and in the summer it gets really packed. My friend Joe who run’s Contagious Events hosted a trip to Ptown for their Carnival celebration in August. If you’ve never experienced, it is something you must. Thank you Ryan for use of your boat! Hopefully next year we get to be in the parade. Looks like a lot of fun!


The Flight From Hell

Just as it sounds, I experienced my first “Flight from Hell” and it wasn’t because of workers. It was because of two ignorant people actions and words. I know that people make fun of people for no reason whatsoever. Everyone is guilty of it, I am not saying that I’m 100% perfect but I also know when to comment about something. It doesn’t make it better but I’m not going to blatantly pick on someone.

Boston to Philadelphia was fine. Philadelphia to Los Angeles was a different story. Everyone has their own taste in fashion. Individual style is what makes who we are. It’s our way of expressing ourselves as people. I can respect that. I respect everyone’s personal taste. Be you!

So I’m sitting in my seat and this grown woman. I use the term  “grown woman” because she was married, step-mother and flirting with her seatmate because they both were  seated apart. Whatever I’ll be waiting for that story to end up on the ID Channel. I had on the most comfortable outfit. She immediately takes a glance at my shoes and text her husband and made a Facebook status about it. I have pretty good vision.

So she starts talking to her seatmate about it. As you know, the First Class cabin section is very small and when people get drunk, almost everything they say is audible. So he kept taking peeks from his seat, trying to take a picture. However, I didn’t let them get away with it. I was always ready with a look back for them.

Journeying along our way(at this point seemed like such an eternity), we both made eye contact and she smiled at me. I knew it was fake but even at this point she might have redeemed herself if she didn’t immediately laugh. I might have told her I loved her very noticeable fake Hermes Birkin bag. I might have told her that I loved her really bad highlights. Just to break up this awkward tension. So then I heard them talking about taking their picture when the plane landed. Um……really? If you’d like a picture of my shoes that you find ridiculous, I truly don’t mind. I know they are ridiculous. They make me happy.

At this point, the plane couldn’t land fast enough. They’ve made fun of everyone at this point.  Just stop it. Seriously. So I stand up to get my luggage as the plane landed. The cabin light turned on and I saw her go for her phone. She looked at my shoes and laughed so hard. “Um….I dressed so that when I got off the plane I could immediately go out. I just don’t understand people.” is what she said looking at her seatmate. It’s 2014 and I am starting the year off right, so what she had on doesn’t matter. Personal style. Personal preference.

Before the plane even landed, I thought about the unimaginable words that I might have said to her face as I got off the plane. I really thought long and hard. I almost said it. I wish that my phone had been charged or my computer didn’t die but then again, I think it’s for the better that I didn’t have access to devices because I might have said something and ruined my start to 2014. So I got off the plane and didn’t say a thing. I walked right by her and let her have a last cheap laugh.

As I was waiting for my ride, several of the airport people came up to me as they were leaving and said they loved my shoes. 2013 ended with a smile.

Phew. Feel better. I put in the Burn Book and feel better.



The definition of Technobohemian courtesy  of John Malkovich
 Technobohemian courtesy of John Malkovich

I’m not sure how I missed this one since I visit yoox.com almost every other day. One of my favorite sites for clothing, especially since they have some of the most amazing sales known  is to man. I went click on the “Socialize” section of yoox.com and came across John Malkovich’s clothing line “Technobohemian” as the first section.

I like to think of myself as somewhat relevant, how did I miss this? I never knew Malkovich even had a clothing line the first time back in the early 2000s. Let alone this. It’s actually really an interesting concept. Inspired by what he calls a “New-Millenium Bohemian” playing on the cosmopolitan yet very technological culture that we live in today.

Taking a keen interest on the entire process, Malkovich is involved from the sketching to fabric selections, where paying attention to quality and the “expression” conveyed.

I actually never knew Malkovich to be such a fashionisto. However, designing clothing is just another form of expression. It’s a really cool collection, that I’m enamored with.



I Hate That You Love Me

“Pretend that I don’t see you
Look the other way when you walk in the room
I pretend I’m lost in thought, when a sneak a look
Out the corner of my eye

And it goes on and on and on and on and on
Laying out a pavement in my head
And it goes on and on and on and on and on
It’s way past just a game”——lyrics from Snakehips “On and On”

Dating. Relationships. Dre. That’s not a good mixture. Have I met the right person? Have I met someone who I think is 100% worth it? I’m not sure. I’ve met people who have qualities that I fall in love with. Which is a great thing but I’m getting to an age where I’d rather meet someone who I fall in love with 100%.

I’m finding that as I get older, I’m beginning to find that fewer people want that type of steady of relationship. I’m finding that people are more into the “Let’s Sleep Around” type of relationship. Eh, I’ve got no time for that. Sitting back and letting things happen when nature says that it’s time.

The reason that I posted the lyrics from the song above. Reminds me of the way that you feel as you a new relationship, maybe the way you feel when you have a crush on someone. Just kind of spoke to me and I wanted to share. However, if you listen to the song look for the Kaytranada remix. That version is the one I heard that spoke to me, the other versions while the lyrics are the same, it wasn’t the same profound message.

Just some thoughts at the moment.



Men On Film? Fashion Queens?

David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan
David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan

Do you remember the show In Living Color? So you have to remember Antoine Merriweather and Blaine Edwards? Remember the segment Men On Film?  Where they would review movies, cooking, exercising and even art?

I Can't
I Can’t

Let’s flash forward: RHOA is taking off and we’re introduced to Lawrence Washington and Derek J(who just finally dropped the “ae”) but stylist in Atlanta. We rarely seem them style hair but they style with their choice of fashions.

I rarely watch tv and since my almost year of not watching anything, I turn it on for noise. I look over and see a commercial for “Fashion Queens” similar to the “Fashion Police” on E! with an African-American panel. The only reason BET didn’t try to jump to a show like this because of their B.Scott incident over the summer.

Derek just tries too hard
Derek just tries too hard

However, the first thing that came to my mind was “Congratulations!” and “Men On Film” I had no idea that it was already on a second season. A mid-season but still. Good for them but before Derek J is out there talking about people’s fashion flaws, he probably should remember while that celebrity is wearing a pair of Louboutin’s, wasn’t he rocking some Bakers shoes with a replica fake? Just saying………..

This would be exactly what I'd say after watching it
This would be exactly what I’d say after watching it

Obviously, the show isn’t a copy of that segment. They would probably would watch that segment and fight over which one is Blaine and who is Antoine. Has anybody else noticed this? Has anybody watched the show? I assume that it’s 10x cattier than Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne could be. The one thing I’ll say GET DEREK J some clothes that fit. I mean c’mon. I won’t watch the show, I’m just having flashbacks from when he was Kim’s stylist and his own Hair Battle Spectacular.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it……..Oh and whatever happened to Sheree Whitfield?

Obsession Confession: Karmaloop

........and now it's Ben Sherman.......
……..and now it’s Ben Sherman…….

It’s always been an obsession of mine but I thought that as I grew older maybe I outgrew, Karmaloop. Little did I know, that I hadn’t. Karmaloop is a great site for underground, provocative, unique and fresh clothing. They had a store on Newbury St. in the Back Bay before completely going to an online platform. I really find some pretty unique things there.

I even joined the Karmaloop Rep Team. That’s how obsessed I am with the company. So this time around when I went shopping, I wanted to really get something that stood out. So this time around, I became obsessed with 3 things!!

Honestly, it’s 4 things that I became obsessed with, but I bought one-off eBay. So I’m not sure if I can count it…..and there isn’t a picture of me with it yet.

Nastier In My SnapBack
Obsession 1: NASTIER SnapBack by Beauty Forever


Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty
Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday
Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty




The whole outfit was something a little out of the ordinary for me. I love standing out but this was pushing the limits for Boston considering, I had on platform sneakers.

Why? What’s So Great?:

The blazer had fringe….almost similar to Graduation Cap tassels. The Harem style pants with the print that is right in your face. The oversize women T-Shirt. The platform sneakers with their studded spikes. The eyebrows were on point, sometimes you need a bit of a brow! IN YOUR FACE! Learn it! Live it! Love it! Have fun with what you’re wearing. You are your own person!

One Minor Flaw: 

The blazer needed could be tailored to create a snug fit but since I got it at such a great price, if I wore it just that once, I’d say I got my money’s worth!

Blazer and Shirt from H&M

Pants from American Apparel

Tinted Moisturizer from Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows from Nars



P.S. Even the next day when I had to walk of shame(despite not having had any reason, the outfit still worked). I brought it into day time. Check out my Instagram: Dre117 to see the next day outfit! Did I mention I wore this to a fashion show? Can’t wait to share with you that experience!

If you do decide to check out Karmaloop.com, use REP code 857 when checking out to save 20% off your first purchase and 10% off each future purchase! Happy Shopping!



Hologram Jeans In My Hologram Dreams


I remember seeing that Hologram was going to trend big again but boy was I surprised at an impromptu trip to Barneys.com this evening.

Well, first off, I was at Urban Outfitters the other day and saw a holographic wedge sneaker. I almost did it. I had to but I decided I’m not that tacky.

Saturday, after work, I took a random trip to Copley Place and snuck into Barney’s. One of those places that is just a good source of inspiration and if you have some extra cash to drop, well drop it there for the latest and one of a kind in Boston if you aren’t going to Riccardi or Louis’s. Back to the story at hand…….

Margiela Margiela Margiela
Margiela Margiela Margiela

As you know, I love sneakers. I’m a sneaker fanatic. So popping upstairs, I came across these jeans called Raleigh and noticed the mannequins dressed with jeans matching sneakers in pony hair. Which happened to actually be either Margiela’s or Creative Reaction. I went online when I got home to check the price cause I didn’t want to ask nor really look at the bottom of the shoe.

Get Creative with that Reaction
Get Creative with that Reaction

The Margiela’s are amazing. Like they are truly one of a kind. At $995 a bit of a splurge but hey, your feet have to look good, right? Well, the Creative Reaction are just as cool and a fraction of the price at $190! Back to business though…….

So I wanted to look at denim and see what they have. Of course, I stroll through and see Balmain, Rag and Bone, etc. Then I come across the greatest jeans on earth!!!

Check Them Out Here
Check Them Out Here

So what do you think? Could you see yourself rocking this trend? I totally could and I will! These jeans and shoes are way too cool to pass up?